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Destiny Library Catalog Enhanced Search Functionality

Students, staff, parents/guardians, and the community can search the district’s complete Destiny Library Catalog using the system’s advanced search features. The default setting of searching only the school site’s collection will remain. To use the enhanced search functionality, users shall follow the steps below:
1. Visit any school’s Follett
Destiny via LaunchPad or via the school website.
2. Select the “Search Options”
link located to the right of the search bar.
3. From the “Location” dropdown option, select the location to be searched. Options include:
o Orange County Public Schools
o Elementary Schools
o K-8 Schools
o Middle Schools
o High Schools
o Additional Schools
4. Add a search title, author, or
topic in the field and select “Search” to see results.

Destiny Discover Functionality
Destiny Discovery Functionality