Electronic Devices

Animated cell phone ringing image

ALL ELECTRONICS should be turned off and remain concealed.

They are not to be seen or heard!

At no time is Walker Middle School responsible for stolen or lost electronic devices.

Any electronic device that is still visible after 9:30 will be confiscated by any staff member. Please DO NOT send cell phone issues directly to the Deans unless it is a repeated offense. Please ensure the students first and last name is given when the phone is turned into 901A (Mrs. Ayala).

1st offense – Verbal Warning and Redirection.

2nd offense – Phone/Electronic Device confiscated and will be returned to the student at the end of the day. (Items can be picked up from Mrs. Ayala starting at 3:55/2:55pm in Room 901A).

3rd offense – Phone/Electronic Device confiscated and to be picked up by parent.

4th offense – Phone/Electronic Device confiscated, required pick-up by parent, and referral.