Support Person of the Year

Support Person of the Year
Posted on 09/10/2018
Mrs.Vanessa Ayala                                                                                       Support Person of the Year

Mrs. Vanessa Ayala
Walker Middle School
2018 Support Person of the Year

Ms. Vanessa Ayala was chosen as our Support Person of the Year at Walker Middle School. Because really, there was no other competition at this time. Ms. Ayala is not only an integral part of our Discipline team, supporting as our discipline clerk. She is a key piece of the heart and soul of Walker. She is always the first to respond when a special circumstance arises and someone needs to go above and beyond. She doesn't even hesitate. She responds with efficiency and clarity. Her invaluable support to classroom teachers reaches far beyond answering discipline needs and dress code needs. She is proactively looking for ways to help all students and staff.

As the principal of the school, M s. Ayala's support is invaluable. Her compliance is complete and thorough, but her talents extend beyond. Vanessa's actions and commitment to the success of every Walker student is evident to all who see. She does not need to be present in more than one lunch shift, but often she chooses to. Not just to help, but to further build relationships with students; especially those that are the hardest to reach.

So come by on a typical day, and you will see firsthand why they chose to honor Ms. Ayala. See her pitch in to go above and beyond. Specifically help me so my job is easier to do. And most importantly, connect with students who need her the most. I recommend her highly and without reservation.