STEM@Walker MS

STEM (Science - Technology - Engineering - Math) Program


This year plan will prepare students for a diverse. Changing world and give them the necessary skills to pursue science and math related career goals. The STEM theme focuses on STEM literacy, which will include literacy in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The four areas of STEM are interrelated. Would be taught through interdisciplinary models in Science Olympiad classrooms at 6th, 7th and 8th grade. Students will have multiple opportunities to participate in inquiry-based projects. Working in small groups or individually on problem solving and research-based activities. Students will learn how to work collaboratively and in various different groups to develop solutions to global issues.

A great feature of the STEM learning environment is a Virtual Science and Mathematics lab.
this will foster independent, as well as team-based learning for all students. Students will participate in math and science virtual environments. This will challenge them to continue to come up with new hypotheses and other innovative work. In the Strength in Numbers math lab, students will be exposed to mechanical engineering. In the AVID classes (Advancement via Individual Design) science lab, students will be exposed to biomedical and bio-mechanics.

The STEM program will ensure that students participate in a culture of academic excellence. Thus preparing them for today’s global world.

Internet links for parents and students on STEM